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Patient Centered Care

I was recently attending a seminar organized by the Veteran’s Affairs and the content was about providing a patient centered care to all. The seminar was remarkably interesting, and I would like to share some of my comments. 

Every medical clinic should put the patient at the center of their practice. At La Vie Acupuncture Clinic, our patients are at the center of our practice. We understand that each patient coming to our clinic has a history and is often expressed with different medical conditions. 

The seminar focused on veterans returning from the war and experiencing PTSD and other medical conditions. Today, there is an increase in people being diagnosed with PTSD, especially after the Pandemic. The constant stress for the last two years has made their chronic condition worse, and people have been experiencing more anxiety, depression, and other PTSD symptoms. 

It is even more crucial today for medical practitioners to create a sensitive, respectful environment both inside and outside of the exam room. 

Some of the key points from the seminar are: 

  • Focus on compassionate communication. 
  • Nonverbal behavior and body language. 
  • How things are said can be more important than the actual words. 

Those are some of the trauma-sensitive care principles for best compassionate care for all. 

Furthermore, the medical practitioner must maintain privacy and confidentiality and strive for a patient-centric, strength-based approach that recognizes resilience is the norm. 

The medical practitioner needs to always remember to care for himself so he can maintain the ability to care for others. 

At La Vie Acupuncture Clinic, we take care of ourselves so we can be fully present and be mentally and be physically available for our patients.