Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine in Ventura, CA and Canoga Park, CA

Herbal medicine is the art of formulating natural herbs, without chemicals, to treat medical conditions. Medications manufactured by pharmaceutical companies use natural herbs to create sophisticated compounds to treat medical conditions. Unfortunately, these compounds often create side effects. Herbal prescriptions don’t have any side effects because we use the plants as a whole.

There are many ways to prescribe herbal medicine:

Food: A specific diet may be recommended in order to control a condition. A patient might have food allergies which might cause inflammation in the body. Modifying the diet can complement the patient’s healing process. Food is also a medicine; it nourishes, preserves, and repairs the body.

Herbal medicine:  There are thousands of Chinese herbs and herbal formulas that have been used, developed, and refined for centuries. Prescribed pharmaceutical drugs have a much shorter history and their long terms effects are poorly understood.  The development of herbal medicine, over the centuries, offers a safety net and reduces the risk of potential side effects.

Most medical conditions can be treated. However, Dr. Hillairet doesn’t prescribe herbs if the patient is already taking a pharmaceutical prescription for the following conditions:

  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • During cancer treatments

Acupuncture will only be the treatment of choice for patients with either of the above conditions.

La Vie Acupuncture Clinic provides traditional Chinese herbal medicine treatment at locations in Ventura, CA and Canoga Park, CA allowing Dr. Hillairet to provide herbal treatments to patients in the Ventura County and greater Los Angeles areas.  Please contact us with questions about our traditional Chinese medicine treatments or to schedule an appointment.