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Obesity is often mentioned and we often hear about the miracle diet but we rarely talk about people who actually need to gain weight and their struggles. Obesity and underweight are equally detrimental to the health of patients. A patient that is underweight might get sick frequently, irregular periods, constant fatigue…

There are many causes why someone is underweight. It is crucial to discover the reason why a patient is underweight. It is a serious condition. When all red flags have been ruled out then acupuncture and oriental medicine might be your best option.

Red flags: Cancers, tumors and certain mental illnesses that might be life threatening…

Patient who are experiencing a lot of stress, PTSD and digestive issues are examples of causes that could be treated with acupuncture and oriental medicine.

Why am I often sick?

If you are underweight you might be deficient on essential elements that your body needs to stay healthy. A deficiency or lack of nutrients might cause a lower immunity.

Why do I have irregular periods?

The human body needs fatty cells to transport hormones and other chemicals that help to regulate the cycle. If you are underweight most likely you don’t have those cells.

Why do I have constant fatigue?

If you don’t have the nutrients to help your body with its daily activities then you won’t have the energy to support it.

Nutrients are important to make sure the body is working correctly. We have to address the causes that are impacting the body. Acupuncture and herbal medicine are solutions to help the human body to find its way back to health.