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Case study: Cortisone side effect treated with acupuncture.

Left elbow pain not relieved by physical therapy and Cortisone injection:

Patient states that she worked as a secretary. Patient states that she had to stop when the pain was unbearable. Her injury was categorized as a cumulative injury by her workers compensation physician. 

Patient states that at the same time, there was pain in the neck and shoulder as well. Physical therapy helped to decrease some of the neck and shoulder pain but patient didn’t receive any therapy on the elbow. Patient states that she was prescribed some medication to address the pain but it was ineffective. Patient states that she had chiropractic adjustments but after two sessions it made it worse. 

Patient states that the pain is localized along the medial epicondyle (inner part of the elbow) and she is taking Naproxen to reduce the pain sometimes.

Patient states that she has been resting for about a year. Patient states that she received a cortisone shot and it didn’t relieve the pain and it caused some skin damage: Skin depigmentation.

After months of waiting, patient was finally authorized to receive acupuncture to treat the elbow pain. Right away, we started to treat the skin depigmentation as well and over a period of 12 treatments, the skin healed with the acupuncture therapy.

Day 1:

After 3 treatments:

After 5 treatments:

After 7 treatments: (Half the original size)

After 9 treatments:

After 12 treatments: the skin has healed.

This patient was experiencing skin depigmentation caused by a cortisone injection and she had full recovery with acupuncture therapy. Patients, with vitiligo, sun damage, can experience the same positive results after a series of acupuncture treatments.