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Unifying our medical world

Medicine is general term covering all the medical fields. Acupuncture should be fully integrated into this system and accepted as a medical field. Many medical practitioners have been skeptical, most of the time, due to a poor understanding. Acupuncture is a procedure scientifically proven and it used by well-trained Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental medicine. Based on this statement, there are many reasons why traditional chinese and Wester medicine should work together.

Western Medicine:

The progress of Wester Medicine have saved many lives. It has kept us from epidemies and it has eradicated many diseases. It has been a great success overall. New technologies have enable practionners to provide more precise diagnosis to their patients and treatments have saved lives. Double blind studies have shown the efficacy of certain medications and a certain percentage of patients have successfully been treated.

Chinese Medicine:

This medicine has been practiced for over 4,500 years. Acupuncture and herbal medicine have been providing successful treatments to patients. The long clinical history validates its importance as a medical field. Some research have been performed and they have shown excellent results for the treatment of pain however it is difficult to perform a double-blind study with acupuncture due to too many interfering factors.

Complementary Medicine:

The research, that have demonstrated that pain can be reduced with acupuncture, have offered an opportunity for patients to be treated with less or no pain medications. Patients are sometimes unable to work or drive while they are on these medications. The integration of acupuncture offers a permanent solution with no side effects in the treatment of pain. We have found, in our clinical practice, that adding acupuncture to heavy drugs treatments was helping to reduce dosages to a more comfortable range with less side effects and less stress on kidneys and liver. Sometimes, acupuncture an herbal medicine are better options to treat conditions such as menopause or general women condition due to the fact, we are not giving hormonal replacement therapy which might increase the risk of cancer.


They are both important to provide a safe and a quality of care to patients.They both have limitations but when they work together, they can actually provide excellent and better results. It is important to note that in the event of a life threatening situation, Western Medicine should always be first.