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Veteran’s Day

As we are approaching November 11th: Veteran’s Day, I would like to remind to our community that La Vie Acupuncture Clinic is part of the Community Care Network, a program offered by the Bureau of Veteran’s affairs.

How does it work? A primary VA physician at the Sepulveda Hospital in Los Angeles send an Acupuncture approved referral to the Community Care Network and then an appointment is made with the patient. The VA patient can also request acupuncture therapy.
What do we do for our veterans?
They are referred to our clinic because they have pain.
Most of our veterans who went to war experience some level of PTSD as well.
Complementary to other therapies, acupuncture helps to reduce PTSD symptoms by regulating the autonomous nervous system: the fight or flight nervous system.
It is also important to note that reducing pain decreases the stress endured and then it is easier to control and balance emotions.

The cumulative effect of acupuncture helps to treat insomnia. Better sleep helps to reduce pain, control and balance emotions.

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