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Neuromyelitis Optica

In Oriental Medicine, we cannot isolate one symptom or one condition. We will have to review the medical history of each patient before we can make a full assessment. Acupuncture is known to reduce inflammation and pain. In the case of Neuromyelitis optica, it is possible to reduce the symptoms and treat the underlying condition.

Case Study:

My 77 year old wife suffers from Neuromyelitis Optica and was diagnosed 28 months ago. She has had 2-5 round Plasma Farisia treatments, 2-Retuximab infusions, Neurologist and Doctors have prescribed over 20 different muscle relaxers [and some sleep medications] to relieve all of these spasms and the pain. And all of them either 1) did not help at all 2) caused the number of spasms/contractions per hour to double, last much longer, and cause much more pain, and/or blackout. She has not had a suffering/pain-free second for 28 months. She cries and screams from the pain all day long and all night long. Any ideas if acupuncture may help, or if there is/are some other treatments that can provide her relief?


It is important to understand for such a condition, a treatment might take a long time to see positive results. In Western Medicine, a chronic condition is stable but requires medication for the rest of the patient’s life. In Oriental medicine, we are looking at treating the cause of the condition and hopefully reduce the symptoms as the patient heals.