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Long Covid-19 Symptoms.

At La Vie Acupuncture Clinic, for years, we treated patients with cold symptoms or the Flu but it all stopped at the end of 2019.
Now, we are recommending those patients to go to an Urgent Care or see their primary physician. Patients have to test negative before they can return to our clinic.

Patients who are experiencing long covid-19 symptoms have had a negative PCR test. They are feeling symptoms post infection.

I have observed that many of my patients might have a previous condition and somehow the virus attacked their body in certain way that those symptoms will be suddenly amplified.

Patients have shared that their symptoms were minimal but for some others, they were not so lucky and they are, experiencing chronic symptoms: neuropathy, fatigue and migraine-headache and loss of senses…

People who are only experiencing minimal symptoms are usually healthier than others and they might not have any comorbidity like someone who is overweight, who has diabetes, high blood pressure, has a higher risk than someone who has had living a model and a healthy way.
If you are experiencing those symptoms you might find that acupuncture can alleviate most of your symptoms and it is important to start as soon as possible. I would also recommend to start losing weight and start promoting a healthy lifestyle. We can help you to get organized so you can choose better.