Vaccination and possible side effects.

Covid-19 has been very stressful for everyone in 2020 and now, we are in 2021, a selected population has received their vaccination. Soon, everyone will be eligible to receive the vaccine: Pfizer, Moderna or Johnson and Johnson.

So far, most people have been fine with the vaccine but in some cases, headaches, and flu symptoms have been experienced. In rare cases, people have been experiencing rashes and in some rarer cases Bell’s palsy.

Bell’s palsy is a unilateral facial paralysis of the facial nerve. Traditional medicine doesn’t offer conclusive treatments and most of the time, patients are left with long term side effects from the condition.



We have been treating Bell’s palsy in our practice and we have had a high success rate. Our therapy usually works on most patients but we have found that it is very difficult to reduce the symptoms on a patient who have had that condition for many years.

Best results will be obtained if a patient attends acupuncture within a week of getting the condition. Timing is very important.

Acupuncture can also help you with headaches and other mild symptoms: Neck and shoulders pain.