Is it safe to do Acupuncture every week?


Acupuncture can be performed every week and every day if it is necessary. Use of acupuncture more than once a week does not have any side effects. However a treatment protocol needs to be drawn for the condition presented. A frequency of once or twice a week is usually recommended when a patient starts a therapy.

In intense cases a practitioner might see the patient 2-3 times a week. It is not unusual for the doctor to see a patient suffering from acute back pain more than once a week.

Reasons for treatment:

  • You’ve suffered a recent injury or are dealing with a short term ailment.
  • A sprained your ankle, sudden onset of pain: headache, migraine, neck, back, knee pain.
    Morning sickness.
  • You’re having an acute flare-up of a chronic condition or a condition that was previously in remission.
  • You’ve been dealing with your symptoms for a long time, but you’re new to acupuncture.

A clear treatment plan will be created following the initial evaluation and we will inform the patient of the suggested frequency of treatment, medically necessary, to achieve the desired outcome. As the patient starts progressing with the therapy we usually reduce the therapy frequency.


Reducing the symptoms as soon as possible is our primary goal to make the patient comfortable. Again, treatment frequency is based on many factors and also on the severity of the symptoms. Safety is our priority!