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Honor World Parkinson’s Day!

.I would like to share the story and the testimonial of one of my Parkinson patient.
“I have the very good fortune to work with Dr. Hillairet. The past year he has become a very important part of my Parkinson’s Disease care team. I was diagnosed with PD almost three years ago. I have learned so much over these few years about living my best, healthiest life with PD.
Specialized exercise that uses my brain as my body learns complex patterns of movement on both sides of my body is critical in Parkinsons care.
Dr. Hillairet is my sensei, and I am learning Aikido with a Jo, a 4 foot long, 5 pound wooden pole.
This practice is very challenging both mentally and physically and in this training he focuses on both mental and physical patterns interwoven with a spiritual meditative practice. Through my training with Dr. Hillairet my gait is much improved as well as facilitating more fluid movements of my legs and arms. My son, who is a PT, told me recently that he hasn’t seen me move my left arm so well since before my actual diagnosis. Dr. Hillairet is always kind, patient, understanding, compassionate especially during my down moments. Fighting a degenerative neurological illness by fighting with a martial art is above all fun! I highly recommend both Aikido training with a Jo and Dr. Hillairet.”