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Lingering Covid-19 Symptoms!

According to a US study nearly 1 in 5 adults who had covid-19 have lingering symptoms. The data was collected by the U.S. Census Bureau and analyzed by the CDC. 

Long Covid symptoms range from fatigue, rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, cognitive difficulties, chronic pain, sensory abnormalities, and muscle weakness. Sometimes, those symptoms last for days or months after initial symptoms. 

At the acupuncture clinic, we have seen some of those patients that are negative on their last covid test, and they are still experiencing those symptoms. 

Based on certain studies, it has been shown that cykokine are elevated even after a patient tested negative to a PCR test. The studies indicate that the Covid-19 is disrupting the Immune system and the cytokine which are usually released during an infection or immune response continue to be released afterwards causing the “Long Covid Symptoms”. 

Acupuncture is usually utilized to reduce inflammation and studies have shown that it can regulate and strengthen the immune system. It is important to note that each patient is going to be different so the treatment protocol will vary based on the patient’s symptoms and overall signs observed during the intake. It might be recommended for some patients to take some herbal supplements if there are no contraindications.  

At La Vie Acupuncture Clinic, we have seen patients with loss of taste, smells, fatigue, neurological pain, burning pain, chronic pain, Bell’s palsy, and muscle weakness. Most patients have recovered. We accept most insurances so you don’t have to be worried about extra expenses if your insurance plan covers the acupuncture therapy.