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Spring Equinox 2022

As Spring is approaching: “You must prune to bloom. If the dead weight is not pruned and removed, it compromises the quality, performance, and output of the vine. When you prune what’s not working in your life, you make the space and place for renewal to happen and for new growth to spring forth.”
— Susan C. Young

For the last two years, our bodies have been mentally and physically stressed. People have been developing anxiety, depression and PTSD due to isolation, media fear and sitting at home.

The human body is not made to sit and it needs to socialize and it needs to receive positive vibes.

Our joints: vertebrae, shoulders, hips, knees and all the small joints need constant lubrication and it only happens with movement. If there is no movement, they dry out.

When we are living in isolation, we feel stuck and lonely. It is another form of stagnation. Again, there is no movement.

“High-quality social relationships help us live longer, happy lives; we need strong ties to other people in order to thrive.” (Steps to Recovery)



When we receive constant negative vibes, our body starts secreting stress toxins so our health starts to deteriorate slowly.




Acupuncture can help to reduce your emotional baggage that you have carried for the last two years. It is time to let go of your anxiety, depression, and the pain that you have been experiencing due to sedentary lifestyle.

It is time to move and enjoy life because everyone of us deserves it.