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Delta Variant and Vaccination. Stress again!!

Recent news about the Delta variant and vaccination are causing more stress in our community. 2020 was already a traumatizing year for a lot of people and those recent news are creating even more anxiety, depression and insomnia. In many ways, people are experiencing post traumatic stress from last year’s events and today’s news are triggering all those symptoms and new symptoms.

We have seen over the years soldiers that have come back from their services with different PTSD symptoms. We have also seen many patients who have been victims of a car accident, domestic violence, abuse and most recently pandemic stress.

It is important to differentiate different levels of stress.

  • Low stressors: living a daily life with no major events.
  • Medium stressors: living a daily life and experiencing once in while some work stress, difficulty in your relationship.
  • High stressors: Military, domestic violence, accidents, work abuses, divorce…

It is important to note that we are all different and our response to stress varies so what appears to be low for someone might be high for someone else and vice versa.

Our approach is to customize our therapy to best serve our patients. Every patient is unique.

La Vie Acupuncture Clinic, Inc. is a Veteran’s affairs preferred provider and we are trained and certified to screen trauma. Our job is to: screen, treat and heal!
We are dedicated to serve the community.

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