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Can acupuncture treat migraines?


Migraines are caused by many conditions: hormonal changes, allergies and traumatic events.


The treatment strategy will be different based on the causative factors.

If there are hormonal changes, we will have to review blood tests that have been previously done. We will have to review all medical history.


They can be caused by food, allergens in the air and for some people, they might be allergic to work.

Traumatic events:

Car accident, concussion caused by an accident, an injury and PTSD…


Acupuncture will be the treatment of choice to address the symptoms. Points are usually chosen based on the symptoms and the final OM diagnosis.

Sometimes, we have to prescribed herbal supplements to complement the therapy.

In case of allergies, we will have to review the diet to study all the allergens.


The treatment is cumulative and overtime symptoms should resolve. There are no side effects with the therapy. Sometimes, patients might experience occasional tenderness at the point of insertion and rarely bruising.

We are in network and we accept most insurances. Most insurances cover acupuncture but please, call your insurance to make sure you have acupuncture benefits. Herbal supplements are not covered by any insurances.