How many acupuncture sessions does it take to see results?


It all depends if your condition is recent or it has a long history. A tension headache, for example, can be treated with one treatment however a chronic headache might take some time to see some positive results. In all cases, we have to identify the cause of the headache to correctly treat it. Is it caused by food allergies, seasonal allergies, chemical unbalance, work, maybe stress?

We always hope for a fast recovery. Recovery time is determined by a few factors.

These include:

  • How long the problem or conditions have been going on?
  • How severe the condition is?
  • How diligently the patient come to see the doctor?
  • Genetics?
  • Willingness to change life and dietary habits?
  • Exposure to stress?
  • Family issues?


Before, or during the process of treatment we suggest to the patient to be proactive in their healing process. It is important to eliminate or reduce all potential stress factors. If Recovery time will increase if the patient is deligent and serious with his or her therapy.