Can acupuncture help with depression?


Depression affects concentration, energy and the motivation to do daily tasks. Acupuncture can be used to act as an anti-depressant. Also, we are living in times that people are more and more isolated connecting with your the doctor has become very important.

Acupunctures main points of treatment:

  • Ease depressive symptoms
  • The underlying condition
  • Calming the mind

If we treat the underlying condition, it is possible that we might be able to provide maximum relief to our patient.

The main goal after treatment:

  • Improve depression
  • Enhance drug treatment efficacy
  • Mitigate drug adverse effects
  • Reduce the chances of relapses


Studies have shown that acupuncture releases endorphins therefore it can help stabilize a patient’s mental state. A typical treatment frequency can differ from once to three times a week. It mainly depends on the overall severity of the patient’s mental health. We usually advise to add an exercise routine and we provide a complementary diet program.