Frozen shoulder

Definition:The most logical way to describe this condition is: the inability to move the shoulder. It usually occurs overnight and most patients don’t recall any accident or injury that might have happened the day before. In the medical literature, it is states that it occurs progressively overtime and it is caused by a previous injury and the symptoms progress until the patient cannot move the shoulder and pain increases with small movements. The medical diagnosis is: Adhesive Capsulitis.

In our practice:

We have had many patients over the years with this condition and most patients didn’t recall any previous injury however when we reviewed their medical history, it was clear that an injury might have happened years before such as a pull, a fall, something that was minor at the time.

Critical time to treat the condition:

Based on our clinical observation, the acupuncture treatment needs to be started immediately after the onset of the condition.

Time frame for treatments:

If the patient is treated with acupuncture within 1 week to one month after the onset. Less than 10 sessions will be required to see at least 85% improvement. If the patient is treated with acupuncture after more than 6 months after the onset of the frozen shoulder, it will take more than 6 months to see positive results.


This information is based on our clinical experience and they are no really any scientific studies to show these results however it usually makes sense to treat a condition at its onset when the symptoms first occured.