Conditions Treated by Acupuncture

Dr. Alexandre Hillairet uses traditional oriental medicine to treat patients with a large variety of medical conditions. La Vie Acupuncture Clinic has practice locations in Ventura County and Los Angeles County in the cities of Ventura and Canoga Park. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) can be used to treat the following conditions:

  • Digestive disorders: gastritis, heartburn, Crohn's disease, constipation, diarrhea.
  • Respiratory disorders: Asthma (adult and childhood onset), Flu symptoms, sore throat, fever, chills, bronchitis, cough.
  • Neurological and muscular disorders: Neuralgia, Bell's palsy, sciatica, body pain including Headache, migraine, neck, shoulder, back, lower back, pelvic, hips, knees and ankle pain, Tendinitis, frozen shoulder, Osteoarthritis.
  • Autoimmune disorders causing inflammation in the body.
  • Menopause: Hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, weight gain.
  • Infertility.
  • Obstetric disorders: breech baby, Restless fetus, Pelvic organ prolapse, preclampsia, bleeding, depression, sciatica pain and other orthopedic discomfort, postpartum depression.
  • Gynecological disorders: PMS, cramps, heavy bleeding, Irregular menstruation, Dysmenorrhea (painful period), Amenorrhea (absence of period), Impotence, low libido.
  • Urinary disorders: UTI, incontinence, cystitis.
  • Psychological disorders: Depression, anxiety, ADHD, addiction.

More conditions treated by La Vie Acupuncture Clinic:

  • Pediatric acupressure/acupuncture: growth deficiency, poor nutrition, asthma
  • Oncology treatment:  reduction of anti-cancer medication side effects.
  • Geriatrics: acupuncture and herbal medicine are very important to maintain the proper aging of the human body and reduce arthritic pain.
  • Neurological disorders:  Sciatica, headache, migraine, tingling, numbness, Neuralgia.
  • Digestive disorders: crohn’s disease, ulcerative disease, IBS, gastritis, acid reflux, bloating, diarrhea, constipation.
  • Addiction: Smoking cessation therapy, drugs therapy.
  • Veterans therapy:  PTSD, insomnia.
  • Acute condition: Common cold, Flu, infection, sprain, bone injury, traumatic injuries, car accident, work injuries.